Sasi Living!

14 10 2010

Sasi Shoes is now Sasi Living-be sure to check out the site and add it to your favorites! Thanks for all your support!


Exciting News!

7 10 2010

SasiShoes will soon be transformed into SasiLiving!! You will still get regular shoe posts but now you will also find great info on fasion, fitness, design, decorating, sewing and maybe even cooking. SasiLiving will inspire a classy and sasi lifestyle. Check back soon for more information!

BooTuesday: Faux-Knee

7 09 2010

Hi there!

I hope you all had a lovely labor day and bought some shoes with your hard-earned money. I didn’t, but that’s ok because I make up for it every other weekend haha. This fall and winter is going to be boot bonanza. Unlike previous years though, there’s a new type of knee high boot in town–the faux-knee. (It’s catchy if you say it outloud) 😉

Charles David "Regent"

The faux-knee is an over the knee type style without the constricting feeling of other knee high boots. The faux-knee is more like a cuff that goes over your knee instead, making it chic, easy to wear and very diverse. Usually faux-knee boots have an open back behind the knee making it easy to bend and move around. Also, the cuff over the knee is loose, unlike other knee high boots.

Think this is just a fad? Think again, faux-knee’s are popping up everywhere and are available at lots of different price points. You can find them in most major department stores and I guarantee you can view a wide array on a street near you this fall. You can find some other great styles of the faux-knee here, here and here!

Made Ya Look Friday!

3 09 2010

TGIF! Hopefully today is a pay-day for you!

Earlier this week I mentioned that I bought my first pair of TOMS shoes. I am totally in love with them and keep trying to find excuses to wear them haha. But, TOMS also makes today’s feature for Made Ya Look Friday.

What do you think of these sparkly TOMS? Are they a LOOK or a Make Ya Look? I’m honestly torn on what I think, so I’m anxious to know how you guys feel about them. They retail for $54. The result will be posted tomorrow morning. Happy voting!

Thrifty Thursday: Shoelace Showdown!

3 09 2010

Can you tell I’m a Price is Right fan from this title? In the shoe world there isn’t really a “showcase showdown” but today, I’m discussing the Shoelace Showdown! What the heck is it? Well, it’s going to change your life, that’s what it is. When I started training for an Olympic distance Triathlon last winter my world was forever changed when I was introduced to “Yankz” or lock-laces.

Lock-laces are shoelaces that are no-tie bungee cord laces to put on all your running and athletic shoes. Not only do they come in hundreds of colors, but they are so effective! Any athlete out there understands the importance of having your shoes tied tight, but not too tight, and what an inconvenience an untied shoe is while working out. Enter Yankz. These bad boys will eliminate you from ever lacing up your shoes again. That’s right, no more sitting down to tie your shoes, stopping in the middle of a great run to re-tie and no more shoelace bubbles! (You know, when one lace gets like really big, usually at the top?)

Should I get lock-laces? YES. Will I like them? NO, you will LOVE them. Do they really work? ABSOLUTELY! The huge bonus of lock-laces is that they move and stretch with your feet. So, if you’re shoes are getting too tight the laces will loosen up thanks to the bungee cord technology. You also won’t ever have to deal with your shoes being too loose either, totally eliminating a major cause of blisters.

Why are these thrifty? They are FUN, they are relatively CHEAP in price, and are PRICELESS and NECESSARY for any athlete. Lock-laces can be bought at most specialty running stores and on as well. They come in lots of fun colors and are super easy to put on your shoes. I will never go back to regular laces again.

What do you think–are you a fan of lock-laces? Let me know!

Operation Organization!

3 09 2010

Instead of the typical Wednesday Mensday this week, I decided to pick a topic more unisex. Shoe organization! This happens to be one of my personal favorites because I have a serious case of OCD and I just love shoes and organizing so much, that it’s like the perfect combo. So, excuse me if I get geeky over this, but hopefully this will inspire you just the same. Please understand that you DO NOT need a lot of room to effectively organize your shoes, and you don’t need to keep them all in the same place! You can put some over the door, some under the bed, some in your closet, and if you’re cooking inept like me, in your oven. (Just kidding, although if it was more socially acceptable I’d seriously do it!)


What are the most important things to keep in mind when organizing your shoes?

1. Keep them in a DRY place with plenty of room. It’s not good to have your shoes all stacked up on each other because they will not only get dirty fast, but they will lose their shape as well.

2. Keep them away from pets, children or careless mates. We spend a lot on our shoes so let’s take good care of them!

3. Shrine your shoes–yes, shrine. If you love your shoes as much as I do, or even half as much, then you should display them neatly and with respect. If you think that sounds crazy, fine. Organize them carefully and just watch how much faster you find what you’re looking for at 6am.

4. Create a system. I have several stacking shoe racks that are AMAZING, so I have a system of what goes where. I keep my flats on the bottom and wedges on the top. Boots line up along the wall so that they have plenty of room to stand. (I also have things color-coded) 😉

5. Take inventory! Seriously, I know it’s hard, but if you’re not wearing a pair of shoes anymore then please, pass them along. NEVER throw out a pair of shoes! Donate them or take them to a consignment shop. Only toss em if they are too beat up too wear anymore. One woman’s trash is another’s treasure right?

BooTuesday: Slouchy, Not Sloppy

3 09 2010

Hi there!

Hooray for September–boot season is officially upon us! There’s nothing better than shopping for that perfect new pair and breaking out your favorites from last year. But, don’t get too excited just yet. Depending on where you live, it may be too warm out to start wearing boots. I firmly believe that just because the temperature is warm enough for flip flops doesn’t mean they are acceptable. However, that also doesn’t mean you should toss on your Uggs when it’s 70 degree. So then what do I wear?

Simple, you wear slouchy, light fashionable boots. Keep it casual, classy and cool! You can absolutely rock a great pair of “transitional” boots this time of year with skirts, shorts and dresses. Slouchy doesn’t have to mean sloppy! Slouchy boots are perfect this time of year because they have a more loose and airy fit. Also, they are usually shorter and more fun than your typical fall/winter boots.

Here are the don’t with slouchy boots. DON’T wear slouchy boots with an uber-professional outfit. Slouchy boots aren’t really work appropriate, but they can be if you work in a very casual atmosphere. Typical corporate cults won’t really favor slouchy boots though. DON’T wear sloppy boots that are just old, worn in and scrappy. Slouchy is a style, sloppy is not. Finally, DON’T wear boots that aren’t meant to be slouchy but are slouchy on you because they don’t fit correctly! So many people have this problem. If a boot isn’t meant to be slouchy, you will know. When you try it on, if you can’t pull it up high enough for it to fit correctly, you shouldn’t buy it! You will be uncomfortable and the boot will not look it’s best.

Here are some great slouchy boots for your enjoyment and don’t forget to keep up with SASI on Twitter! 🙂

Matisse "Amigo" 199.95

Steve Madden "Candence" 99.95