Who’s SASI

Hi Everyone!

Thanks for checking out SasiShoes! Here’s the backstory:

My name is Stephanie A Smith which makes my initials SAS. I think this really was an intentional plan by my parents and they knew right away I was going to be full of sass.

I currently live in Chicago, and have been an avid shoe lover for my entire life! I spend way too much time looking at, and of course, buying shoes, so I figured that I could put all my knowledge to use. It’s so disgraceful when I see someone wearing horrible shoes or shoes in terrible condition, and I think it’s my civic duty to let everyone know the do’s and don’ts of shoes.

Feel free to send me any tips you have about shoes and keep me up to date on your favorite trends. I love knowing what people are wearing on their feet!

Take Care,



4 responses

17 11 2009

I hope your blog is for guys as much as gals! Here’s my question: I travel a lot and use a shine sponge to give my shoes a quick “shine”. I’ve been told this does long term damage to the shoe, is this true? I notice that within a day of the shine the shoe looks dull and needs another coat. Thanks

17 11 2009

That’s a great question, and lucky for you, Wednesday’s are all about Men on SasiShoes. Be sure to check back this Wednesday to read all about the best ways to care for men’s shoes and to find your answer.

17 11 2009

I love your blog!! Love the way you riddle off ideas of how to wear the shoes and I love the “don’ts” at the end of every post. My question is what kind of shoe can I wear that is stylish for work but is also versatile? In my job I need to be able to do almost anything at the drop of a hat, i.e; run, jump, walk through mud, stand out in the rain. I am also a young professional and I often wear a suit (sans the jacket sometimes) with FLATS. Tory Burch ones usually :)…. LOVE THEM. But now that the winter months are rolling around I will have to turn in my flats for something else…. something that I can run, jump, walk through snow, and stand out in the cold in. Any advice?

Keep up the great work!

“Keep Calm and Carry On”

18 11 2009

Thanks so much for checking out the blog and all your kind words. You have a great, common question. Fortunately, next Monday’s blog will be all about career shoes and I will post a more comprehensive answer to your question then with examples. In the meantime, I would check out a nice flat boot. Boots look great with dress pants and should give you the style, comfort and versatility that you need.
See you Monday for Career shoes!


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