Thrifty Thursday: Shoelace Showdown!

3 09 2010

Can you tell I’m a Price is Right fan from this title? In the shoe world there isn’t really a “showcase showdown” but today, I’m discussing the Shoelace Showdown! What the heck is it? Well, it’s going to change your life, that’s what it is. When I started training for an Olympic distance Triathlon last winter my world was forever changed when I was introduced to “Yankz” or lock-laces.

Lock-laces are shoelaces that are no-tie bungee cord laces to put on all your running and athletic shoes. Not only do they come in hundreds of colors, but they are so effective! Any athlete out there understands the importance of having your shoes tied tight, but not too tight, and what an inconvenience an untied shoe is while working out. Enter Yankz. These bad boys will eliminate you from ever lacing up your shoes again. That’s right, no more sitting down to tie your shoes, stopping in the middle of a great run to re-tie and no more shoelace bubbles! (You know, when one lace gets like really big, usually at the top?)

Should I get lock-laces? YES. Will I like them? NO, you will LOVE them. Do they really work? ABSOLUTELY! The huge bonus of lock-laces is that they move and stretch with your feet. So, if you’re shoes are getting too tight the laces will loosen up thanks to the bungee cord technology. You also won’t ever have to deal with your shoes being too loose either, totally eliminating a major cause of blisters.

Why are these thrifty? They are FUN, they are relatively CHEAP in price, and are PRICELESS and NECESSARY for any athlete. Lock-laces can be bought at most specialty running stores and on as well. They come in lots of fun colors and are super easy to put on your shoes. I will never go back to regular laces again.

What do you think–are you a fan of lock-laces? Let me know!


Thrifty Thursday: 15% off

19 08 2010

Happy Thursday!

Today’s thrifty deal is 15% off at! is a great place to buy a new pair of running shoes or your winter Uggs. They offer a wide variety of brands and search options so finding the perfect shoe just got easier! Also, they offer FREE shipping and easy returns! Click here for a list of all the brands featured on For 15% off just enter the code 15OFF when you checkout.


Thrifty Thursday! Summer Sandal Sale

12 08 2010


Today’s thrifty find is the HUGE summer sandal sale that Amazon is running. This sale is a can’t miss with sandals up to 60% off. Enjoy Steve Madden wedges for $32, lots of markdowns on Nine West, and great deals on Teva and other sporty flip flops. The bonus of buying through Amazon is that they have fast shipping and easy return policies. Plus, they offer so many markdowns and sales, beating out Zappos in that regard. I know I don’t have to sit here and tout the awesomeness of Amazon to you, so get online and start hunting!

Be sure to check in tomorrow for Made Ya Look Friday and feel free to send me any ideas, tips or comments anytime.

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Thrifty Thursday: An Introduction

5 08 2010

Welcome to the first edition of Thrifty Thursday! Being thrifty is key in today’s world but being thrifty doesn’t mean you have to be cheap. The essence of thriftiness is the ease and freedom of expression through un-conventional methods. It’s so important to create your own style and set yourself apart from everyone else who buys the same brands over and over. Anyone can buy the clothes, bags and shoes, but not everyone can wear them.

So, today let’s explore one of those un-conventional thrifty finds: the BC flip flops made out of a rice bag. Yes, a rice bag. These flops are so stinkin cute I can’t stand it, and the fact that they are eco-friendly, thrify and cheap makes them a must-have. Why are these so thrifty just because they are recycled you ask? Because every pair is different! That means you and your BFF can buy the same shoes and not be matchy-matchy. Hooray! The colors vary and no two pairs are the same. They are also a thrifty find because they are high-quality flip flops without the high-quality price tag. These little guys only retail for $30!

While I love this concept and the sandals, I wish the BC brand would make all of their shoes as fab and eco-friendly as these flip flops. In any case, they are still adorable and comfy and perfect for the first edition of Thrify Thursday.

BC "Earthquake Rice Bag" $45.00

BC "Danke" Flip Flop $30.00