Operation Organization!

3 09 2010

Instead of the typical Wednesday Mensday this week, I decided to pick a topic more unisex. Shoe organization! This happens to be one of my personal favorites because I have a serious case of OCD and I just love shoes and organizing so much, that it’s like the perfect combo. So, excuse me if I get geeky over this, but hopefully this will inspire you just the same. Please understand that you DO NOT need a lot of room to effectively organize your shoes, and you don’t need to keep them all in the same place! You can put some over the door, some under the bed, some in your closet, and if you’re cooking inept like me, in your oven. (Just kidding, although if it was more socially acceptable I’d seriously do it!)


What are the most important things to keep in mind when organizing your shoes?

1. Keep them in a DRY place with plenty of room. It’s not good to have your shoes all stacked up on each other because they will not only get dirty fast, but they will lose their shape as well.

2. Keep them away from pets, children or careless mates. We spend a lot on our shoes so let’s take good care of them!

3. Shrine your shoes–yes, shrine. If you love your shoes as much as I do, or even half as much, then you should display them neatly and with respect. If you think that sounds crazy, fine. Organize them carefully and just watch how much faster you find what you’re looking for at 6am.

4. Create a system. I have several stacking shoe racks that are AMAZING, so I have a system of what goes where. I keep my flats on the bottom and wedges on the top. Boots line up along the wall so that they have plenty of room to stand. (I also have things color-coded) 😉

5. Take inventory! Seriously, I know it’s hard, but if you’re not wearing a pair of shoes anymore then please, pass them along. NEVER throw out a pair of shoes! Donate them or take them to a consignment shop. Only toss em if they are too beat up too wear anymore. One woman’s trash is another’s treasure right?


Wednesday Mensday: Stop the Stink!

18 08 2010

I have had previous questions about how to get the stink out of your shoes and here’s a new trick that seems to work–freeze the funk! That’s right, if you have smelly shoes, toss em into your freezer for fast relief. Why should you freeze your shoes? Here are a few good reasons:

1. It’s FREE and you already have everything you need! You can literally put your smelly shoes in your freezer right now for no cost at all!

2. Not only does freezing freshen your shoes, it kills the odor causing bacteria altogether. So, better than a Febreeze type relief, this will actually keep your feet healthy!

3. It won’t cause any damage to your shoes, and, if correctly quarantined, it won’t cause any damage to your food. Lock up your guys in a hermetically sealed bag if you have to, but try to prevent the smell from infiltrating your food. A zip-lock will do the trick too 😉

One night in the freezer should do the trick, but if they still stink after their trip to the arctic then put a little baking soda inside them for added freshness.

Some other ideas for smelly soles are to try and figure out why your shoes stink in the first place. One of the most common reasons for odor is due to moisture trapped in your shoes. If your shoes are damp for any reason, dry em out! Lay them out in the sun and remove the soles from the shoes and let each dry out separately. Or, you can try to buy something to remove the stench too, try a pet store. They usually have odor blocking powders that contain enzymes to eat the stink from your feet.

The bottom line: with all these options, there is no excuse to have smelly shoes again.  Clean up or clean out guys!

Wednesday Mensday: FORE!

11 08 2010

With golf season in full swing, it’s imperative that you have the best golf shoes. Choosing the best golf shoes is now deceivingly simple and there are options galore–just what all you guys want right? 😉 Golf shoes have come a long way since their debut, but you can still find the classic look with the new modern edge. One of the most important things about golf shoes is to find a pair with great grip. All golf shoes have spikes, and if you can’t afford golf shoes, you should wear gym shoes

that have the best grip.

Traditionally like a wingtip shoe, golf shoes now are more like gym shoes, but there are golf boots and even golf sandals. Even better is the huge selection in color and price. The average pair of golf shoes will run about $100.00 but you can certainly find great shoes for $50 or $75 too. It’s important to try on your golf shoes before you take them out on the course to be sure that they are the right fit, comfort and have plenty of support. Then, worry about the color and style, but always go with comfort first.

There really aren’t a lot of DON’Ts here. DON’T wear your golf shoes to the gym or for anything besides golf. This will compromise the shoe and likely be very uncomfortable for you. DON’T be afraid to get new shoes when your old ones are worn out. Chances are you can find the same pair, if not a better pair for the same price and if your game sucks just blame your new shoes. DON’T be too conservative in your selection. Golf is a sport and a hobby so have fun when picking out your shoes and be proud to wear them.

Here are some top picks from Golfsmith.com

Adidas "Powerband"

FootJoy "DryJoys"

Nike "Air Academy"

Wednesday Mensday: The Great Summer Debate

4 08 2010

Every year when the weather starts to get warm, the great summer debate begins: flip flops or sneakers with shorts?? Personally, all you guys should know you can get away with either one. BUT, that doesn’t mean it always looks good. Let me explain.

Flip flops are the ultimate summer shoe for guys. They are casual, cheap and comfy. Sneakers are the all-purpose, ready for anything shoe that can take you from Wrigley Field to Six Flags with the same easy style as flip flops, but more useful for long days on your feet. Here are the big problems between sneakers and flip flops. First, when I say sneakers, I mean sneakers–not your crazy running shoes or your basketball shoes or anything else remotely similar. I mean your going out, knocking around, hanging with the guys sneakers. When it comes to flip flops, that is literally what I mean–flip flops. No Jesus sandals, no slip on’s and definitely NO crocs!

Here are the DON’Ts for sneakers and flip flops. DON’T wear knee high socks with your sneakers or any high socks at all, keep the look simple with a nice pair of ankle socks underneath. DON’T wear really crazy sneakers that will draw a lot of attention to your feet. Summer is all about laid back style and if you’re wearing shorts and sneakers it definitely needs to be casual and simple. DON’T wear flip flops that are two sizes too big for you! Guys do this all time and it’s only a dis-service to their own tootsies. Take the extra thirty seconds and buy the pair that fits your foot, you will be a lot more comfortable.

Not a fan of either or just not sold on these ideas? Try out the best alternative: Boat Shoes! Boat shoes are perfect for summer and can be worn with shorts, jeans or casual pants. The bonus here is that they are comfortable like sneakers and breathe like flip flops. If you are going to try out the boat shoes DON’T wear socks with these. Imagine yourself literally getting on boat when you put them on, wearing socks out on the water would just be silly. The leather combos of boat shoes usually allow for plenty of breathing room avoiding a smelly pair of shoes at the end of the day, crisis averted.

Here are the top picks for sneakers, flip flops and boat shoes. Enjoy and as always, send me any ideas or comments you have!