Weekend Replay: Summer Soiree and TOMS

30 08 2010

Hi there!

Sorry that I fell out of the blogosphere last week, I was busy busy. The good news? I have shoes to report on! 🙂

Friday night I had the pleasure of attending the Junior League of Chicago’s annual Summer Soiree at the Chicago History Museum. Although the theme was “A Night on the Green” the attire was summer cocktail and that only meant one thing to me–a pair of fabulous shoes to accompany my dress. I wore a frilly and fantastic black strapless dress from White House Black Market and paired it with Betsey Johnson’s “Whitney” open-toe pump. I’m an idiot and forgot to take pictures of the outfit, but trust me, the shoes looked great! More importantly, they felt pretty good, respectively. It’s hard to really say any pair of high pumps are comfortable, but these were some of the more comfortable ones I have worn in a while. The platform made the heel feel less high and the open side kept my feet from feeling too restricted. I was fortunate enough to find these lovelies at Akira Shoes and they retail for $150. In my opinion, they are worth it in style and comfort.

In addition to getting to wear those great Betsey’s I also tracked down and bought my first pair of TOMS shoes! I talked about TOMS once before, and although I love everything that TOMS stands for, I haven’t always loved their shoes. The style is simple and the canvas material is casual. I have definitely seen some people who look great in Tom’s and, as always, there are some people who don’t look quite as good. So, I was kind of neutral about myself in Tom’s. That was until I tried them on while killing a few minutes at Nordstroms. The last thing I expected was for these shoes to be as comfortable as they are, seriously awesome. And, the canvas felt great and the shape of the shoe really came to life once I put it on. I was immediately sold, but Nordstrom’s was only sold out. Since I didn’t want to pay for shipping OR have to battle with those stupid UPS stickers on my front door, I was on a shoe-hunt for a pair of Red canvas Tom’s in size 7. Tom’s shoes stretch about a half size so it’s better to buy them a half-size down from your usual shoes. Finally, after days of looking around, I picked up my Tom’s in the Nordstroms at Old Orchard mall. I am happy to know that my $44 purchase not only made me happy, but funded a pair of shoes for a child in Africa. I encourage all of you to at least try on a pair of Tom’s the next time you’re shopping because I think you will be just as excited as I was.

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BooTuesday: Sandal Boots

24 08 2010

While I was initially very skeptical of the sandal boot combo, the trend has infused shops and closets everywhere and has grown on me tremendously. What’s a better fusion for the end of summer/start of fall than these guys? Almost nothing. Sandal boots, my affectionate name for them, are trendy and come in a few different styles. From flats to wedges and even chunky heels, anyone can find a little summer booty. 😉

The best way to wear these is with ease and flare. The looser fit of the actual boot part makes these shoes casual but adaptable. They look great on bare legs and over skinny jeans and leggings. There aren’t a ton of options on how to wear these because you definitely want to show them off, so that’s really the only limitation. Summer booties are perfect for fall because they aren’t as flip-floppy as regular sandals and the boot makes them more weather appropriate. Summer boots are a refreshing fusion of fall and summer right now. You are ready for fall, but aren’t ready for actual boots and heavy shoes, I totally understand. Try on a pair of these the next time you’re out shopping and I have a feeling you might fall in love.

Here are the dont’s: DON’T wear these with longer flowing skirts or dresses, it totally throws off the balance. Try pairing it with mini’s instead. DON’T worry about your cankles–these sandals are the perfect disguise. DON’T think these shoes are too trendy for you, I’m positive there is a pair out there with your name on it!

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Steve Madden "Tipper"

Naughty Monkey "Brilliant"

Blowfish "Fontana"

Pain is Beauty? Not anymore!

23 08 2010

If you’re like me, the pain one pair of shoes can cause forces you to make very wise and prude decisions regarding your shoes for the next day or even next week. No more! If you suffer from uncomfortable pain while wearing shoes you likely need insoles. There are several types of insoles and I promise there is one just right for you. Here’s a quick breakdown of what’s what:

If you wear lots of sky high pumps then you need insoles with lots of ball support. The balls of your feel take on all the stress when wearing your pumps and its important to provide a cushion for your feet. The best kind of insole is one that covers the ball of your foot and reaches back to the arch.

Open toe shoes–go with a more narrow insole made for women’s feet and one that is the length of the shoe. You will still need plenty of support on the balls of your feet but also on your heel, so make sure you pick an insole with both. The more narrow insole will fit like a glove inside your shoe and you’ll avoid all bulk and any chance of divulging your secret.

Are you a runner?? You should definitely get some insoles in your shoes! All runners have different needs and stress points according to their bodies and their shoes, but insoles for your running shoes are still important. If you suffer from shin splints in particular, insoles can really help out. Find the best insoles for your shoes at your local running store.

Not sure? Memory foam insoles are a safe bet for all shoe types. They provide lots of comfort and support for your feet. As long as you can’t see the insoles from the outside of your shoe and your shoes still fit correctly with the insole, you should be all set.

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Made Ya Look!

20 08 2010


In honor of BooTuesday’s return this week, today’s shoe is the Tory Burch Lysa Chain Ankle Boot. This bootie is the perfect combo of the top fall trends featured on Monday. The chains and zipper give it lots of edge and the sleek black leather and high heel make this boot appealing to all different styles. The Lysa retails for $450.00 and has a 4 inch heel. So, you tell me–is the Lysa a LOOK or a Make Ya Look?

Tory Burch "Lysa"

Tory Burch "Lysa"

The result? This shoe is 100% a LOOK! 🙂

Thrifty Thursday: 15% off Shoes.com

19 08 2010

Happy Thursday!

Today’s thrifty deal is 15% off at Shoes.com! Shoes.com is a great place to buy a new pair of running shoes or your winter Uggs. They offer a wide variety of brands and search options so finding the perfect shoe just got easier! Also, they offer FREE shipping and easy returns! Click here for a list of all the brands featured on Shoes.com. For 15% off just enter the code 15OFF when you checkout.


Wednesday Mensday: Stop the Stink!

18 08 2010

I have had previous questions about how to get the stink out of your shoes and here’s a new trick that seems to work–freeze the funk! That’s right, if you have smelly shoes, toss em into your freezer for fast relief. Why should you freeze your shoes? Here are a few good reasons:

1. It’s FREE and you already have everything you need! You can literally put your smelly shoes in your freezer right now for no cost at all!

2. Not only does freezing freshen your shoes, it kills the odor causing bacteria altogether. So, better than a Febreeze type relief, this will actually keep your feet healthy!

3. It won’t cause any damage to your shoes, and, if correctly quarantined, it won’t cause any damage to your food. Lock up your guys in a hermetically sealed bag if you have to, but try to prevent the smell from infiltrating your food. A zip-lock will do the trick too 😉

One night in the freezer should do the trick, but if they still stink after their trip to the arctic then put a little baking soda inside them for added freshness.

Some other ideas for smelly soles are to try and figure out why your shoes stink in the first place. One of the most common reasons for odor is due to moisture trapped in your shoes. If your shoes are damp for any reason, dry em out! Lay them out in the sun and remove the soles from the shoes and let each dry out separately. Or, you can try to buy something to remove the stench too, try a pet store. They usually have odor blocking powders that contain enzymes to eat the stink from your feet.

The bottom line: with all these options, there is no excuse to have smelly shoes again.  Clean up or clean out guys!

BooTuesday 2.0

17 08 2010

Hi there!

Since another fall/winter season is upon us I’m proud to welcome back BooTuesday! Every Tuesday for the next few months will be dedicated to boots so be sure to keep up. You can find previous BooTuesday posts here.

This is seriously the best time of year to buy a new pair of fall boots. With the weather still warm boots aren’t a necessity yet but the styles are all just waiting for you in the stores and online. Last year I fell madly in love with these Steve Madden boots and he’s up to his old tricks again this year. The Maryn boot is to die for! This high wedge boot comes in a cuffed style–a trend that is blowing up this fall. The cuff makes this boot a little more casual but the wedge adds that little something extra and the back zipper just brings it all together. Yesterday I talked about the 3 fall flavors to keep your eye on–guess what? This boot fits all 3! The whiskey color is perfect for the prep in you and the zipper adds that little industrial touch. If the zipper isn’t rough enough for your industrial taste then check out the distressed Stone Leather color, this is sure to bring that urban edge you’re looking for.

The boot retails for $269.99 but I have already seen it on sale so I’m sure if you wait, you can find it cheaper. Maryn has a three inch wedge and is made out of leather. She’s available in three colors: black, whiskey and stone (very distressed). This boot can easily be dressed up, down or glammed out, whatever you want, you can have with Maryn.

Steve Madden "Maryn" Cognac

Maryn Boot--Stone Leather