Hi everyone!

I have received a lot of questions from friend’s lately about where and how to find shoes that will fit their lifestyles. In this section, post any questions that you might have about shoes, and I will do my best to answer them.




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18 11 2009

Hey Steph. I need your expert advice to find exactly the kind of shoe I’m looking for: a comfortable, stylish, less than 3-inch black heel. I’m in law school and need to network and go on interviews, so lots of time on my feet and running around, so the most important attribute (other than style) is that the shoes be comfortable. Oh, and under $200 since I’m on a tight student budget. Please help!

20 11 2009

Hi Emily–
I would suggest checking out this great pair that I found on Zappos today. I am guessing that with your schedule things can be a little crazy and you might not have time to get to a store to shop. is amazing and has FREE overnight shipping! Let me know what you think of these:

They are within your budget, have a slight heel, and are very stylish! I hope they work out for you.
Thanks! 🙂

18 11 2009

Shoes, socks and belts. How do you decide what matches?

19 11 2009


How do you feel abou over the knee boots? Are they a look or a make-ya-look? I’ve want to try out a pair but don’t want to end up looking trashy. Are these best paired with a certian type of outfit?

20 11 2009

I threw in a pic of OTK boots in today’s voting section. As of right now, 75% of voters say this is a Make Ya Look–however, I think you could totally pull them off if you are sure not to show too much skin. Check back later this weekend for the final tally of the votes today.

19 11 2009

I have a question about the shoes I see advertised on TV, the Reebok Balance sneaker that are suppose to help you strengthen your butt and thigh muscles. Do you know if they really work and are they comfortable for everyday use? Do you wear them all day or just for short periods? Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks!
PS — Love your blog!!!

20 11 2009

Thanks Linda. I will be talking about work out shoes and discuss these specifically on Monday Nov 30th.

20 11 2009

Can I second Linda’s comment…. do those Reebok Balance sneakers work? My butt/thighs could use an ‘insta-lift!’


20 11 2009

Yes! I will be talking about Work Out shoes on Monday Nov 30th and will have more info on them. Thanks!!

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