BooTuesday: Faux-Knee

7 09 2010

Hi there!

I hope you all had a lovely labor day and bought some shoes with your hard-earned money. I didn’t, but that’s ok because I make up for it every other weekend haha. This fall and winter is going to be boot bonanza. Unlike previous years though, there’s a new type of knee high boot in town–the faux-knee. (It’s catchy if you say it outloud) 😉

Charles David "Regent"

The faux-knee is an over the knee type style without the constricting feeling of other knee high boots. The faux-knee is more like a cuff that goes over your knee instead, making it chic, easy to wear and very diverse. Usually faux-knee boots have an open back behind the knee making it easy to bend and move around. Also, the cuff over the knee is loose, unlike other knee high boots.

Think this is just a fad? Think again, faux-knee’s are popping up everywhere and are available at lots of different price points. You can find them in most major department stores and I guarantee you can view a wide array on a street near you this fall. You can find some other great styles of the faux-knee here, here and here!


BooTuesday: Slouchy, Not Sloppy

3 09 2010

Hi there!

Hooray for September–boot season is officially upon us! There’s nothing better than shopping for that perfect new pair and breaking out your favorites from last year. But, don’t get too excited just yet. Depending on where you live, it may be too warm out to start wearing boots. I firmly believe that just because the temperature is warm enough for flip flops doesn’t mean they are acceptable. However, that also doesn’t mean you should toss on your Uggs when it’s 70 degree. So then what do I wear?

Simple, you wear slouchy, light fashionable boots. Keep it casual, classy and cool! You can absolutely rock a great pair of “transitional” boots this time of year with skirts, shorts and dresses. Slouchy doesn’t have to mean sloppy! Slouchy boots are perfect this time of year because they have a more loose and airy fit. Also, they are usually shorter and more fun than your typical fall/winter boots.

Here are the don’t with slouchy boots. DON’T wear slouchy boots with an uber-professional outfit. Slouchy boots aren’t really work appropriate, but they can be if you work in a very casual atmosphere. Typical corporate cults won’t really favor slouchy boots though. DON’T wear sloppy boots that are just old, worn in and scrappy. Slouchy is a style, sloppy is not. Finally, DON’T wear boots that aren’t meant to be slouchy but are slouchy on you because they don’t fit correctly! So many people have this problem. If a boot isn’t meant to be slouchy, you will know. When you try it on, if you can’t pull it up high enough for it to fit correctly, you shouldn’t buy it! You will be uncomfortable and the boot will not look it’s best.

Here are some great slouchy boots for your enjoyment and don’t forget to keep up with SASI on Twitter! 🙂

Matisse "Amigo" 199.95

Steve Madden "Candence" 99.95

BooTuesday: Sandal Boots

24 08 2010

While I was initially very skeptical of the sandal boot combo, the trend has infused shops and closets everywhere and has grown on me tremendously. What’s a better fusion for the end of summer/start of fall than these guys? Almost nothing. Sandal boots, my affectionate name for them, are trendy and come in a few different styles. From flats to wedges and even chunky heels, anyone can find a little summer booty. 😉

The best way to wear these is with ease and flare. The looser fit of the actual boot part makes these shoes casual but adaptable. They look great on bare legs and over skinny jeans and leggings. There aren’t a ton of options on how to wear these because you definitely want to show them off, so that’s really the only limitation. Summer booties are perfect for fall because they aren’t as flip-floppy as regular sandals and the boot makes them more weather appropriate. Summer boots are a refreshing fusion of fall and summer right now. You are ready for fall, but aren’t ready for actual boots and heavy shoes, I totally understand. Try on a pair of these the next time you’re out shopping and I have a feeling you might fall in love.

Here are the dont’s: DON’T wear these with longer flowing skirts or dresses, it totally throws off the balance. Try pairing it with mini’s instead. DON’T worry about your cankles–these sandals are the perfect disguise. DON’T think these shoes are too trendy for you, I’m positive there is a pair out there with your name on it!

Enjoy the pics and don’t forget to follow SASI on Twitter and Facebook!

Steve Madden "Tipper"

Naughty Monkey "Brilliant"

Blowfish "Fontana"

BooTuesday 2.0

17 08 2010

Hi there!

Since another fall/winter season is upon us I’m proud to welcome back BooTuesday! Every Tuesday for the next few months will be dedicated to boots so be sure to keep up. You can find previous BooTuesday posts here.

This is seriously the best time of year to buy a new pair of fall boots. With the weather still warm boots aren’t a necessity yet but the styles are all just waiting for you in the stores and online. Last year I fell madly in love with these Steve Madden boots and he’s up to his old tricks again this year. The Maryn boot is to die for! This high wedge boot comes in a cuffed style–a trend that is blowing up this fall. The cuff makes this boot a little more casual but the wedge adds that little something extra and the back zipper just brings it all together. Yesterday I talked about the 3 fall flavors to keep your eye on–guess what? This boot fits all 3! The whiskey color is perfect for the prep in you and the zipper adds that little industrial touch. If the zipper isn’t rough enough for your industrial taste then check out the distressed Stone Leather color, this is sure to bring that urban edge you’re looking for.

The boot retails for $269.99 but I have already seen it on sale so I’m sure if you wait, you can find it cheaper. Maryn has a three inch wedge and is made out of leather. She’s available in three colors: black, whiskey and stone (very distressed). This boot can easily be dressed up, down or glammed out, whatever you want, you can have with Maryn.

Steve Madden "Maryn" Cognac

Maryn Boot--Stone Leather

Fall in Love!

10 08 2010

It’s no secret that this past year everyone has fallen “head over heels” with Michael Kors designs, especially those white watches on wrists everywhere! So, its also no surprise that he has fabulous shoes to offer. In preparation for this fall, his shoes are worth some serious consideration. With their moderate price points, edgy designs and different styles, there is truly a shoe for anyone here. You can find work shoes, boots, sandals, flats and my personal favorite, wedges. The line goes from ultra glam to utilitarian making his shoes just trendy enough but not a fad. You will definitely be able to wear these shoes again next year without looking like an idiot–I can’t say the same about those white watches though. 😉

While you’re checking out his shoes online or at department stores like Nordstrom’s and Macy’s you should be sure to look at the Parker Suede Wedge Pump and the Tatum Riding Boot. These two shoes are sure to be part of this fall’s essentials. Michael Kors’ shoes are all outstanding without being too flashy but I do wish there were some fancier options. I love the ease and casualness of the shoes, but what am I supposed to wear when I’m going out for drinks in Boystown? I don’t think any of these will really suffice and a flashy, glitzy pump is necessary. I’d also love a few more delicate looking shoes, but beggars can’t be choosers right?


11 02 2010

If you’re even remotely obsessed with shoes, then you will truly appreciate todays BooTuesday. This past fall and winter have been all about boots and almost everyone seems to be wearing a great pair of whiskey leather boots. I have been on the hunt for the perfect pair and at last, I have found them!

I’m proud to introduce the ultimate boot for everyone–INTYCE by Steven for Steve Madden. These boots are a can’t miss! Not only is the whiskey color absolutely perfect, but they are so stylish and can be worn with so many combinations. Further, they are adjustable, so you can make them as loose or tight as you want around your calf making them perfect for everyone. Additionally, they have a small wedge making them great for all occasions.

If you happen to be short like me, then you’ll for sure love these boots. They do not slouch at all, a very hard bargain to find and they come up to almost my knees so they are very trendy and flattering. These boots can seriously be worn with anything, try them with jeans, leggings, tights, dresses, or under any pair of pants for a little lift.

Best of all, they are on sale right now for $129 as opposed to the $169 they usually are making today the best day to buy them! (No, I don’t get paid if you buy them). You can wear these throughout the fall, winter and spring making them essential to your wardrobe. I highly recommend the whiskey color but they also come in black and those are equally as fabulous.


INTYCE by Steve Madden

BooTuesday…on Wednesday

16 12 2009

First of all, I’m so sorry for not getting this post out yesterday! Life just got the best of me. Anyway, one of the perfect alternatives for winter heels are short boots and booties. Not only are they super cute and fun, but they are just as stylish as pumps and make life in the winter a little bit easier. Hooray!

Short boots and booties haven’t always been a personal favorite of mine but this year I have turned the corner. There are just too many stylish booties to pass up! They come in tons of varieties and can be a great addition to any ensemble. One of the best features of these little guys is all the versatility they offer. In fact, if you’re still looking for a great holiday party shoe–these might be the answer.

One of the cutest ways to wear short boots or booties is with an outfit that will really show them off. Personally, I think this style is hard to master with skinny jeans, and you should wear your fav pair of biker boots with your jeans instead. But, you should definitely try donning a pair of booties with a great pair of tights or leggings. Since there are so many varieites of short boots, the options are almost endless and you are sure to find a pair of short boots for any occassion, from NYE to just bumming around trying to finish your holiday shopping. Another bonus, they come in all price ranges and all styles. There are flats, high heels, wedges, suede, leather and probably even sparkly ones! Make shopping for a great pair of booties fun and realize that these aren’t going to be your new everyday shoe, so it’s ok to step outside of your comfort zone a little bit.

Here are the DON’Ts. DON’T wear short boots with leggings that aren’t long enough or socks that are too tall–I know I shouldn’t even have to tell you, but you’d be surprised.  DON’T be afraid to flaunt your new find! These boots are totally in right now and you’ll be so happy that you got on this bandwagon early when next winter rolls around. Finally, DON’T wear weather inappropriate heels or flats when you have such a great variety of short boots and booties to choose from, there’s no excuse!

Enjoy the pics of my favs below and as always, feel free to comment or send me feedback! 🙂