Made Ya Look Friday!

3 09 2010

TGIF! Hopefully today is a pay-day for you!

Earlier this week I mentioned that I bought my first pair of TOMS shoes. I am totally in love with them and keep trying to find excuses to wear them haha. But, TOMS also makes today’s feature for Made Ya Look Friday.

What do you think of these sparkly TOMS? Are they a LOOK or a Make Ya Look? I’m honestly torn on what I think, so I’m anxious to know how you guys feel about them. They retail for $54. The result will be posted tomorrow morning. Happy voting!


Made Ya Look!

13 08 2010


In honor of the previous Michael Kors post this week, I thought this shoe was a perfect selection for voting today. This fall there seem to be two big trends–utilitarian/industrial and uber-prep. I think that this suede wedge with a front and back zipper is a great fusion of both trends. It’s flirty, professional and hip. It comes in four colors: black, light brown, light gray and purple. The Parker Wedge retails for $149.95.

What do you think? If you like it, then it’s a LOOK. If you don’t like it, then it’s a MAKE YA LOOK. Happy voting!

Results will be posted tomorrow morning.

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Made Ya Look Friday!

6 08 2010

Happy Friday!

Today’s shoe is the Steve by Steve Madden “Trouser” which retails for $69.95. You can buy it laceless through Nordstroms or with the laces through Zappos. It is also availabe in black, brown and navy blue. **This is a women’s shoe.

Remember–if you LIKE it, then it’s a LOOK. If you DON’T LIKE it then it’s a MAKE YA LOOK. Have fun!

Steve by Steve Madden "Trouser" $69.95

The results are in: This shoe is a MAKE YA LOOK with 75% of the votes.