Thrifty Thursday: Shoelace Showdown!

3 09 2010

Can you tell I’m a Price is Right fan from this title? In the shoe world there isn’t really a “showcase showdown” but today, I’m discussing the Shoelace Showdown! What the heck is it? Well, it’s going to change your life, that’s what it is. When I started training for an Olympic distance Triathlon last winter my world was forever changed when I was introduced to “Yankz” or lock-laces.

Lock-laces are shoelaces that are no-tie bungee cord laces to put on all your running and athletic shoes. Not only do they come in hundreds of colors, but they are so effective! Any athlete out there understands the importance of having your shoes tied tight, but not too tight, and what an inconvenience an untied shoe is while working out. Enter Yankz. These bad boys will eliminate you from ever lacing up your shoes again. That’s right, no more sitting down to tie your shoes, stopping in the middle of a great run to re-tie and no more shoelace bubbles! (You know, when one lace gets like really big, usually at the top?)

Should I get lock-laces? YES. Will I like them? NO, you will LOVE them. Do they really work? ABSOLUTELY! The huge bonus of lock-laces is that they move and stretch with your feet. So, if you’re shoes are getting too tight the laces will loosen up thanks to the bungee cord technology. You also won’t ever have to deal with your shoes being too loose either, totally eliminating a major cause of blisters.

Why are these thrifty? They are FUN, they are relatively CHEAP in price, and are PRICELESS and NECESSARY for any athlete. Lock-laces can be bought at most specialty running stores and on as well. They come in lots of fun colors and are super easy to put on your shoes. I will never go back to regular laces again.

What do you think–are you a fan of lock-laces? Let me know!


Pain is Beauty? Not anymore!

23 08 2010

If you’re like me, the pain one pair of shoes can cause forces you to make very wise and prude decisions regarding your shoes for the next day or even next week. No more! If you suffer from uncomfortable pain while wearing shoes you likely need insoles. There are several types of insoles and I promise there is one just right for you. Here’s a quick breakdown of what’s what:

If you wear lots of sky high pumps then you need insoles with lots of ball support. The balls of your feel take on all the stress when wearing your pumps and its important to provide a cushion for your feet. The best kind of insole is one that covers the ball of your foot and reaches back to the arch.

Open toe shoes–go with a more narrow insole made for women’s feet and one that is the length of the shoe. You will still need plenty of support on the balls of your feet but also on your heel, so make sure you pick an insole with both. The more narrow insole will fit like a glove inside your shoe and you’ll avoid all bulk and any chance of divulging your secret.

Are you a runner?? You should definitely get some insoles in your shoes! All runners have different needs and stress points according to their bodies and their shoes, but insoles for your running shoes are still important. If you suffer from shin splints in particular, insoles can really help out. Find the best insoles for your shoes at your local running store.

Not sure? Memory foam insoles are a safe bet for all shoe types. They provide lots of comfort and support for your feet. As long as you can’t see the insoles from the outside of your shoe and your shoes still fit correctly with the insole, you should be all set.

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On your mark, Get set, GO!

8 02 2010


Finally, SasiShoes is back up and running, and I promise, no more breaks!! Speaking of running, I decided to share my new challenge with all of you. I have decided to participate in the Capital of Texas Triathlon on Memorial Day! I’m so excited but this is a HUGE undertaking. One of the most important parts of a Tri is having the right equipment and gear, and what’s at the top of the list–a great pair of running shoes!

Regardless of the Triathlon, everyone should be doing some sort of cardio activity on a regular basis, even if it’s just walking around the block with the dog. Therefore, having the proper shoe is vital to your health and wellness.

Here are some of the benefits of wearing the right kind of running shoe:

1. Prevent injuries!! This is so important because it will ensure that your body is absorbing the shock of running in all the right places.

2. Comfort! Another important element to finding the perfect shoe. Throw looks out the window here, if it doesn’t feel great, don’t buy it! Wearing a comfortable running shoe will keep you motivated and active.

3. Longevity. Finding the perfect running shoe can take a little hunting but once you find it, it’s sure to last because the shoe is made for your body type. You should be able to get about 250 miles out of a good pair of running shoes before you need to buy replacements.

Now, there are definitely some DON’Ts as far as running shoes go. First and foremost–DON’T pick your running shoe based on the style, brand, or color!! You want to pick your shoe based on support and shock absorbancy. Looks can be very deceiving when it comes to running shoes, so you’re best to find a running store and have them evaluate your stride and fit a shoe to you. DON’T run in cotton socks. Cotton is one of the worst materials you can wear while working out and you definitely don’t want to wear cotton socks with your running shoes. Cotton doesn’t wick away moisture well and instead traps moisture and heat inside your shoes making you much more prone to blisters. Finally, DON’T break your bank on a great pair of running shoes. Price does NOT dictate the quality of a good running shoe. Only you can find the perfect shoe for your stride. It’s better to shop with a ball park budget and usually $75-$150 will do the trick. Don’t be afraid to tell your shoe-shopper your budget, they will understand and should help you get the most bang for your buck.

So how do you know if the shoes you are running in now are the right shoes? Well, the next time you’re working out ask yourself a few questions. First, do you feel any discomfort in your feet, ankles, knees or hips while running? If you do, then you probably need some new shoes that have different areas of support. Also, really decide if your shoes are comfortable. Are they nagging you anywhere by pulling, rubbing or digging in? If so, then you might be wearing the wrong size or the wrong kind of socks. Lastly, if your shoes come untied often while running you might want to check out these babies. They are a total lifesaver! If you’re gearing up for a Tri like me, then they are a MUST!

Below is a pick of my favorite running shoe. Best of luck finding your perfect shoe! Happy running!

Mizuno Wave Inspire $89.99