Thrifty Thursday! Summer Sandal Sale

12 08 2010


Today’s thrifty find is the HUGE summer sandal sale that Amazon is running. This sale is a can’t miss with sandals up to 60% off. Enjoy Steve Madden wedges for $32, lots of markdowns on Nine West, and great deals on Teva and other sporty flip flops. The bonus of buying through Amazon is that they have fast shipping and easy return policies. Plus, they offer so many markdowns and sales, beating out Zappos in that regard. I know I don’t have to sit here and tout the awesomeness of Amazon to you, so get online and start hunting!

Be sure to check in tomorrow for Made Ya Look Friday and feel free to send me any ideas, tips or comments anytime.

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Made Ya Look Friday!

6 08 2010

Happy Friday!

Today’s shoe is the Steve by Steve Madden “Trouser” which retails for $69.95. You can buy it laceless through Nordstroms or with the laces through Zappos. It is also availabe in black, brown and navy blue. **This is a women’s shoe.

Remember–if you LIKE it, then it’s a LOOK. If you DON’T LIKE it then it’s a MAKE YA LOOK. Have fun!

Steve by Steve Madden "Trouser" $69.95

The results are in: This shoe is a MAKE YA LOOK with 75% of the votes.

Wednesday Mensday: The Great Summer Debate

4 08 2010

Every year when the weather starts to get warm, the great summer debate begins: flip flops or sneakers with shorts?? Personally, all you guys should know you can get away with either one. BUT, that doesn’t mean it always looks good. Let me explain.

Flip flops are the ultimate summer shoe for guys. They are casual, cheap and comfy. Sneakers are the all-purpose, ready for anything shoe that can take you from Wrigley Field to Six Flags with the same easy style as flip flops, but more useful for long days on your feet. Here are the big problems between sneakers and flip flops. First, when I say sneakers, I mean sneakers–not your crazy running shoes or your basketball shoes or anything else remotely similar. I mean your going out, knocking around, hanging with the guys sneakers. When it comes to flip flops, that is literally what I mean–flip flops. No Jesus sandals, no slip on’s and definitely NO crocs!

Here are the DON’Ts for sneakers and flip flops. DON’T wear knee high socks with your sneakers or any high socks at all, keep the look simple with a nice pair of ankle socks underneath. DON’T wear really crazy sneakers that will draw a lot of attention to your feet. Summer is all about laid back style and if you’re wearing shorts and sneakers it definitely needs to be casual and simple. DON’T wear flip flops that are two sizes too big for you! Guys do this all time and it’s only a dis-service to their own tootsies. Take the extra thirty seconds and buy the pair that fits your foot, you will be a lot more comfortable.

Not a fan of either or just not sold on these ideas? Try out the best alternative: Boat Shoes! Boat shoes are perfect for summer and can be worn with shorts, jeans or casual pants. The bonus here is that they are comfortable like sneakers and breathe like flip flops. If you are going to try out the boat shoes DON’T wear socks with these. Imagine yourself literally getting on boat when you put them on, wearing socks out on the water would just be silly. The leather combos of boat shoes usually allow for plenty of breathing room avoiding a smelly pair of shoes at the end of the day, crisis averted.

Here are the top picks for sneakers, flip flops and boat shoes. Enjoy and as always, send me any ideas or comments you have!

On your mark, Get set, GO!

8 02 2010


Finally, SasiShoes is back up and running, and I promise, no more breaks!! Speaking of running, I decided to share my new challenge with all of you. I have decided to participate in the Capital of Texas Triathlon on Memorial Day! I’m so excited but this is a HUGE undertaking. One of the most important parts of a Tri is having the right equipment and gear, and what’s at the top of the list–a great pair of running shoes!

Regardless of the Triathlon, everyone should be doing some sort of cardio activity on a regular basis, even if it’s just walking around the block with the dog. Therefore, having the proper shoe is vital to your health and wellness.

Here are some of the benefits of wearing the right kind of running shoe:

1. Prevent injuries!! This is so important because it will ensure that your body is absorbing the shock of running in all the right places.

2. Comfort! Another important element to finding the perfect shoe. Throw looks out the window here, if it doesn’t feel great, don’t buy it! Wearing a comfortable running shoe will keep you motivated and active.

3. Longevity. Finding the perfect running shoe can take a little hunting but once you find it, it’s sure to last because the shoe is made for your body type. You should be able to get about 250 miles out of a good pair of running shoes before you need to buy replacements.

Now, there are definitely some DON’Ts as far as running shoes go. First and foremost–DON’T pick your running shoe based on the style, brand, or color!! You want to pick your shoe based on support and shock absorbancy. Looks can be very deceiving when it comes to running shoes, so you’re best to find a running store and have them evaluate your stride and fit a shoe to you. DON’T run in cotton socks. Cotton is one of the worst materials you can wear while working out and you definitely don’t want to wear cotton socks with your running shoes. Cotton doesn’t wick away moisture well and instead traps moisture and heat inside your shoes making you much more prone to blisters. Finally, DON’T break your bank on a great pair of running shoes. Price does NOT dictate the quality of a good running shoe. Only you can find the perfect shoe for your stride. It’s better to shop with a ball park budget and usually $75-$150 will do the trick. Don’t be afraid to tell your shoe-shopper your budget, they will understand and should help you get the most bang for your buck.

So how do you know if the shoes you are running in now are the right shoes? Well, the next time you’re working out ask yourself a few questions. First, do you feel any discomfort in your feet, ankles, knees or hips while running? If you do, then you probably need some new shoes that have different areas of support. Also, really decide if your shoes are comfortable. Are they nagging you anywhere by pulling, rubbing or digging in? If so, then you might be wearing the wrong size or the wrong kind of socks. Lastly, if your shoes come untied often while running you might want to check out these babies. They are a total lifesaver! If you’re gearing up for a Tri like me, then they are a MUST!

Below is a pick of my favorite running shoe. Best of luck finding your perfect shoe! Happy running!

Mizuno Wave Inspire $89.99

A Strut Back in Time….

4 01 2010

With another 10 years behind us, it’s only fair to take a look back at the top trends of the past ten years. We started out in a decade where the word Ugg wasn’t even a part of our vocabulary, we didn’t even have Ipod’s in our ears, nonetheless our shoes, a Louboutin could have been anything but a shoe, and our heels were yet to reach sky-scraper status. Oh how far we have come…

Today, even in our tough times, designer shoes are a necessity, Uggs are a staple and we are walking on air–literally!  However, it hasn’t been the smoothest road. Let’s take a look back at some of the most memorable shoes of the past decade.

Uggs–what can you even say? These uber comfy boots, slippers and even flip flops have proven that they will be popular regardless of appearance. It seems that Uggs will never be “out”

Crocs–is it finally the end of these little rubber shoes, or are we sadly, just seeing the start of the trend? Who knew that a little rubber shoe in lots of colors with lots of holes would take over the feet of millions? Personally, I think and hope we are finally at the end of this trend, but we will see.

Shox–Nike has always been a leader in shoes but their Nike Shox took things to a new level. Not only could you personalize your shoes and custom design them onlilne, now you can even plant a chip for your Ipod inside. Both men and women have clinged to Shox and it seems these shoes have also made the cut into 2010.

Christian Louboutin–Although he believes Barbie’s ankles are too fat, this designer is idolized by women everywhere and has made his little red sole the most famous shoe in the world. With style, craftmanship, and daring designs, you can be certain that in 2020 these shoes will still be a “must have”

In addition to the specific shoes mentioned, we have soared to new heights with our shoes. Heels used to be 2 inches, now, the average is about 3.5! Further, we have platforms, gladiators and wedges all pumping us up. Even more, the days of going to a shoe store are long gone! Online shoe shopping has officially taken over with sites like Zappos and Amazon.

So what’s next? Will we have a reversion back to older shoe trends and see heels and prices plummet? Or, will we soon just imagine a great pair of shoes and wake up to them in our closets? Mostly, I think it’s safe to say that no one could predict the progress of the past decade, and we have a lot to get excited about. Maybe in 2020 we will have GPS systems in our shoes? Or maybe we will just continue looking fabulous with just a few major flops–only in the summer of course 😉